What They’re Saying About Us

“Suzy is a compassionate, caring professional who approaches her work with such a high degree of integrity. She not only cares about her clients, but also other organizing colleagues within the organizing industry. She has tirelessly served on a local and national level within the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.”

-Lisa Schlesinger, CPO-CD

“Hiring Suzy at Tasks Unlimited was one of the best decisions I ever made! Suzy took my many overwhelming and varied piles of paper and made sense of it all. Suzy always arrived on time and worked diligently from start to finish. She helped me sort, file, toss and shred in a way that worked for me. I’m so appreciative of her help and have recommended her to friends. Thank you, Suzy!”

-Lillian Dooies

“I am truly indebted to you and all of the ICD volunteers who assisted with the Secret Lives of Objects art/research project, and perhaps to you most especially, because your client’s contribution made such a powerful contribution! I have already received many requests for this article from academics, and was even interviewed by a reporter from “New Scientist” magazine! I could not have done this, or even written it, without all of the insight, knowledge, and assistance from ICD subscribers like you.”

-Dr. Catherine Roster,
Associate Professor of Marketing at Anderson School of Management,
The University of New Mexico

“You were so inspiring to me. I sure hope your clients are appreciating your spark!”

-Francis Wade, Framework Consulting

“Your info is always thorough, clear and timely! You are so good at what you do! You have had so much to do with helping me pull Access Now stuff together when I first met you and again recently. Your help has meant a lot to me!”

-Phyllis Resnick, Founder, Access Now

“I am doing my taxes and I can not thank you enough for your work to keep me more organized than I ever realized. Between you and NeatDesk it is so much clearer/easier than ever. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.”

-Lisa R.

“Suzy Wilkoff of Tasks Unlimited provided professional proof writing services for two websites I created. She ensured that the content was correct and messages were precise. Ms. Wilkoff exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the quality and timeliness of her work products.”

-Renee Restino

“In my restaurant business it’s hard to find time to keep all the files updated, organized and in order. Controlling costs is another challenge and I needed someone to help with more than organizing. Suzy filled that need perfectly: She came in and created a system that is easy to maintain and to follow.”

-Lalo Durazo, Owner, Jaguar Hospitality Group

“I value your input very much. It is so helpful to strategize and prioritize with a professional like you. I’m sure we will be working together again.”

-Steven W. Kaiser, Aflac Regional Sales Coordinator

“This note is to thank you so much for stepping up to help with the buddy program this year at conference. Your help was very much appreciated. You just picked up the ball and ran with it and got everything done. Thanks for helping to make ICD the great organization that it is.”

-Eileen Stevie, Services Director, ICD

“Suzy, I am so grateful I found you! Before we met, I was very overwhelmed with the clutter, paperwork, filing and the overall mess in my home office. Since your visit my productivity has skyrocketed in my new organized office. Thanks so much for helping me create an organized and productive work environment.”

-Sunem Figueredo, Tri-County Mechanical, Inc.

Coach Schnellenberger

Coach Schnellenberger

“Suzy’s organizational skills as my recruiting coordinator directly affected my staff’s ability to recruit top notch student athletes, which ultimately led to the University of Miami’s first football national championship. Years later, she used that same attention to detail to update our home office filing system. We value her expertise.”

–Coach Howard Schnellenberger

Harry Hokanson

Harry Hokanson

“Tasks Unlimited has provided excellent office management support for my business. The organization of my engineering files and technical data has been accurate, innovative, thorough, and timely. Suggestions for associated administrative activities have been equally helpful.”

-Harry Hokanson, Consulting Engineer

Steven Feldman

Steven Feldman

“Suzy has helped improve my organizational skills. Her approach to prioritizing is not new; however, her unique ‘hands-on’ technique is. She identifies problem areas, suggests practical solutions, and then monitors progress.”

-Steven Feldman, CPA

“Suzy was able to assist with organizing and managing a very complex office. She has an incredible capacity for remaining cool and collected under even the most difficult of circumstances. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

-Marilyn “Micki” Lewis

Bonnie Hersh

Bonnie Hersh

“The mentoring you provided on handling mail and setting up a home office filing system provided a great overview. I appreciate how you went into further ‘detail’ and enhanced it with a template to accompany each customized ‘filing system.’ This session has helped me feel more comfortable and will be beneficial as I work with my clients in this area of organizing.”

-Bonnie Hersh, Life Organized by Bonnie.

“Suzy is helpful when it comes to organizing and planning. We work together and all of the piles in my office are GONE. I’m amazed after working for five hours, I see my organized desk. Suzy is someone I would recommend to ‘magically’ give you additional time in your day. She is worth it.”

-Amy Biscombe

“I still remember when you asked me if I used ‘to-do lists’ and I replied, ‘Sometimes.’ That was then. Now I use them! I think we can call that ‘progress’ or is it that we are evolving into better organized beings thanks to Suzy?”

-Giovanna L. Lester, C.T., International Conference Interpreter

“Suzy has had an amazing effect on my mother.”

-Rebecca Lester

“I hired Suzy to help my son who has executive function deficits especially organizing, time management, procrastination issues. Suzy has truly been a miracle, helping my son get into a college with a special program for ADD. She communicates so you always feel ‘in the loop.’ We feel fortunate to be able to utilize her services for our son!”

-Anne O’Callaghan

“There are too many great things about working with Suzy to list, but one of the best things has been how long her recommendations have stayed with me. We worked together three years ago and to this day she is still a caring, non-judgmental voice in my head! Suzy had the ability to help me change my habits over the long term, which is no easy task.”

-S. Smith

“You really motivated me to ‘stay with the program’ and get rid of clutter and be more organized. You’ve been an inspiration and a wonderful role model. Thank you so very much for all your input, assistance and encouragement.”

-Cindy Homer