Suzy Wilkoff of Tasks Unlimited Announces her Retirement

Suzy Wilkoff

Suzy Wilkoff

After twenty years in business, Suzy Wilkoff, Owner and President of Tasks Unlimited has retired from hands-on organizing and time management consulting. Working with business and residential clients was extremely rewarding and fun.

In addition to running her company, Suzy made time for professional and public speaking, mentoring colleagues and serving as Founding President of the National Association of
Professional Organizers
(now the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) South Florida Chapter.

A long-time member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, Suzy took advantage of the educational opportunities afforded to those practitioners who wanted more knowledge to better assist clients with deeper needs.

Proud of her ability to transfer skills, particularly as it related to eliminating clutter and living a simpler life, Suzy “walked the talk” by living in a minimalistic home. However, the thought of shutting down the Tasks Unlimited website was something Suzy hasn’t been able to do just yet.

In addition to serving as an online remembrance of a successful career, Suzy plans to maintain the site to post information and photos of her volunteer involvement. She hopes to encourage
others to volunteer and participate in their communities by giving whatever time and/or financial support they can to assist those less fortunate.

Tasks Unlimited lives a little longer as Suzy’s passion to help others grows.